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It is holy.

Friend or Foe?: The Figure of Babylon in the Book of Jeremiah MT (Biblical Interpretation Series)

Written through men by the Holy God. It requires the help of the Holy Spirit who helps us understand it. Reading it as a scholar without the help of the Holy Spirit will not reveal all that God intended for the reader to understand. Janet this is all based on your opinion, please get to know the true God before you go twisting the bible with your unimportant opinions, thanks have a blessed day.

God often accused His people of harlotry — of turning their backs on Him and worshiping other gods. And no faith can be superior or inferior to another. I believe that we grow up in a world not understanding that the war of the supernatural is among us. The Bible says we entertain angels unawares…Paul does not specify what kind of angels those are. Remember Revelation ,22 Jezebel was given space to repent. To practice killing…. Obedience is the requirement. To disobey is to practice the art of witchcraft, which God clearly states will keep people out of the kingdom of heaven Revelation Follow what He says.

How Bad Was Jezebel?

We need not die. Death is reserved for the fallen angels with whom Jezebel was ultimately worshiping. Her and her people. There was something different about Ruth.

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Perhaps she was easily swayed by the God of Naomi. But the reason why she was in that position in the first place is because Naomi did not teach her boys the necessity of living a godly lifestyle, for her name is translated as pleasant and her children, because of her pleasntry came out sick and died as a result. Romans says the wages of sin is death. Sin is a super natural thing which needs to be handled by a super natural God.

There is none other that shall stand on our behalf but Jesus Revelation , who surely did not look over her condition. But coveting is an issue.

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If someone saw a family heirloom of yours and made it up in their mind that they were going to offer you money for it, but you said no because it was precious to you, nor was it personally yours to just give away. And they got upset and plotted to kill you to get it and succeeded, shall we excuse them because they served demons their whole life?

God forbid. And indeed He does.

Because contentment is a practicum in the book of faith. That was all she knew, indeed. But God is the One who seeks and saves the lost. So the soon coming day that John ,29 are fulfilled when she rises during that second resurrection she shall rise up and He shall say she is guilty of promoting covetuousness, murder, adultery against the God of the seventh day Sabbath, which breaks all the first four commandments. James , whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

If I were to write a piece this long, I would make sure that I had knowledge wisdom and understanding first. The word of God is not something you can pick up and interpret anyway you want. Sounds like you need Jesus in your life.

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The word of God is Holy and true and you or anyone else will never change it. If you ask God to forgive you of your sins and forsake them. If you truly mean it. If you confess with your lips that Jesus Christ is Lord. If you ask him into your life, you to can be saved. Then if God is willing you will began to understand that this is not a cult because your mind and understanding will be opened to the truth. Then you could spend your time wisely and write things that honor God and do not take away from the Truth… God Bless…. All we have to do is look at the book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.

Can it be a Coincidence that Everything in this book has either already happened, is happening today and heading for the end? Are people really that blind? Very scary indeed.

Very politically correct article about a wicked woman. Seems the author does not view the Bible as the Word of God, and her interpretation of those events in the history of Jezebel falls in quite nicely with that view. Those things were considered horrible already by the men, who wrote down the stories about here into the Bible. But if you had read this article properlyh, you could have learned to see her as more than just a murderous monster.

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Like so many other posters in this comment section, you ignore that Jezebel had another religion than you. For her, there was no one and only god. But she would have believed in many different gods and goddesses. And furthermore, she grew up in an ancient culture with a hugely different set of values than ours. She wanted her subjects to honor her gods and obey their king. And no matter how harsh it might seem today, it was a natural reaction from a princess from Ancient Phoenicia.

Like so many other people, you skip over the fact that Elijah also had people killed. Which makes you wonder exactly why he is supposed the hero, while Jezebel is supposed to be the villain. So if you stopped seeing Elijah as a lily-white hero and Jezebel as a jet-black villain, you would see that they both are more complex than that. They both have shades of gray, which have mostly been ignored for the last years. And furthermore, the writers of the Bible were against Jezebel from the start. This was an ambitious woman from a different culture, who refused to convert to Judaism and be subservient to her husband.

And that would have been absolutely frightening to these men. And it was also a huge blow against Jezebel, that Jehu managed to destroy her whole dynasty. So there would be no one left to tell her side of the story. I got annoyed with this blog post. It seems like the writer is taking sides with the wicked Jezebel and justified her folly.

She deserved it! She was idolatrous, a murderer, perverted and more! Rather than understanding that it is more important to obey and worship the only true GOD!

Debunking the Seven Myths about the Bible, Genesis, and Noah's Flood (full movie)

Because the lusts of her heart was much more important to her. Yes us humans are all born to sin.