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The prolonged waiting period was ranked as a third reason Regarding the potentiality of KSA to attract Medical tourists, quality health care at very less cost ranked first with For the main pre-requisites considered by the patients before visiting KSA, When it comes to the possible ways of contacting the hospital, In trusting the hospital, clarifying patient queries by a doctor All the respondents agreed to the option that the medical tourists are interested to visit Historical and Religious sites by raking first and followed by Archaeological and Heritage sites as a second rank Among all the factors, the treatment choosing by the patients is ranked first, followed by the prerequisites considered by the patients before coming to the country.

Later, interesting places to visit and trusting the hospitals are ranked third and fourth respectively followed by the other factors. The third section of questionnaire deals with multiple linear regression to analyze correlations between variables and establishing the validity of the multiple regression model.

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The marketing mix constitute a variation of dependent variable, medical tourism of KSA by its covariance with four independent variables i. The parametric method, multiple linear regression and correlation analysis were performed to discover the predictive ability of a set independent factor and one dependent factor.

The analysis of variance Anova is used to determine whether the independent variables reliably predict the dependent variable. Dependent Variable: Medical Tourism. In the regression analysis, with four independent variables, value of coefficient of determination R squared value is 0. The standardized coefficient beta for the independent variables price, product, place and promotion is 0. The correlation coefficients among the variables such as place, price, product, promotion and Medical tourism are shown in Table 6.

The results reveal that there is a significant correlation existing between marketing mix variables and Medical tourism.

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The Mean analysis is used as a measurement tool [ 32 ] to measure the strength of the impact of each variable relating to the marketing mix based on Medical tourism. The mean scores of place, price, product, promotion and Medical tourism 3. There is a strong positive correlation between the variable except place - price The medical tourism is one of the few markets, which has been emerging as the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry, despite the global economic downturn [ 33 , 34 ]. So, it's high time for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to focus more on this sector to achieve its Vision The needed resources are already available in KSA and the only concern is to market them to the world in order to attract medical tourists.

The study found that, the respondents feel mainly the expatriates and Hajj visitors could be the possible medical tourists from the African continent for Gynecology and obstetrics services come to KSA. Among the prospective methods in attracting medical tourists, it is found that the main factors ranked are choosing the treatment, prerequisites considered before coming to the country, curious places to visit, believing the hospitals etc.

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The research used multiple linear regressions to analyze correlations between variables of marketing mix and Medical tourism found a statistically significant relation between them. The study even found a positive correlation between the marketing mix and medical tourism variables except place - price, promotion — place, promotion — price.

In one of the previous studies, investigating the impact of marketing mix elements on tourist's satisfaction, product and tourist satisfaction is positively related to each other [ 35 ].

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In another study it is concluded that the strengthening of marketing mix help to maintain sustainability in tourism development [ 36 ]. The authorities are necessary to check out an actual marketing application in branding the country as well as executing marketing strategies in expanding the medical and wellness tourism market in the country [ 37 ].

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This research endorses the marketing tactics for further stimulating medical tourism in KSA. These include, for product marketing the KSA hospitals should offer opportunities of selecting required doctors through a website based on their international medical qualification, experience, success rate, references, patient testimonials etc.

The best place to market MT is by opening exclusive KSA medical tourism website for disseminating all the correct and needed information to target customers regarding hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centers, JCI accreditations etc.

This website should act as agent center like third party assurance TPAs in insurance sector acting between medical tourists and hospital and take the complete responsibility of medical tourist well before his arrival until his departure [ 42 ]. This website should be the only official of any kind of communication and act as the single window entity responsible for all kinds of advertising and doing marketing in those countries through referral doctors, sister hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers, empanelled insurance companies, travel agencies, etc.

The KSA medical tourism officials should participate regularly in travel and trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and advertise in travel magazines for promoting KSA health care services to international markets [ 44 ].


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GE is proud to support the operational needs of the Saudi Ministry of Health, one of the largest public health authorities in the Middle East, with more than 2, health centers across the Kingdom. Dedication to Fighting Cancer in the Kingdom The Ministry of Health has made early detection and advanced treatment of breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death among women cancer patients in the Kingdom, a priority. GE is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Screening Program in the Kingdom, serving as a partner to the Ministry of Health for over two years in the design, plan and launch of the program.

There are now three healthymagination mobile mammography clinics across Riyadh, with more than 10, patients screened to date.