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This is an amazingly informative infographic! As a researcher in the field of neurofeedback, this will be really helpful as I explain to clients how our brain training can foster a healthier brain! Extremely informative: a good insight into the understanding of how the brain works and the resulting effects on neuroplasticity on the individual.

Thanks for this! I often tell patients and clients about neuroplasticity because it creates a sense of hope and can provide motivation for them to actively participate in their own healing. This is a great visual to reinforce what I am teaching them. I remember how I felt when I first learned it!!! Our brain generate new neurons every day. It gave to me another new world when I learned this. New synapses are created when we learn new skills and have new experiences.

It remind me to try sth. And when we repeat and practice it more times, it will strengthen the synapses.

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We will have the same feeling when we think of it. Or we can ride a bicycle without thinking how to control it.

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  • Once bitten by a dog, fear of it every time when one sees it. Synapses can also become weak, if connections in the brain are not used…. If it is related to quit smoke? Firstly ,I want to use these ideas to myself. Like building a new habit like, read one page in this website and think as much as possible, one day one page.

    Second, it changes my view of life. It make me believe life can be changed. And new things can happy. We can have different experience. Third, it encourages me think of life in a positive way. No one can be defined by trauma. We can learn , grow up from trauma!

    So it is the way I can respect my client, a way with hope.

    Fourth, it shows me how I can affect the client. If you do it again and again, this new synapses ,like a bridge, will be stronger and stronger. It will be obvious and you can easily feel it. I think this will give the client hope, encourage them to try, and make their life under control!

    Neuroplasticity – Basis for Lifelong Learning

    For a case, like how the mum teach a child, a right teaching method once used by the mum, a good, happy relationship will be built, so is the things in their brain. I still have too much to share or in my heart that I want to express. We get stimulate from the environment, and our brain passes an order to our body.

    A Neural circuit formed. Since neuroplasticity is possible , new experience will change the Neural circuit,so we will have a body reaction. I am so excited when I read this page! It tells me good news—Things can change! English is not my first language…I still want to share sth.

    What Is Brain Plasticity and Why Is It So Important?

    Look at the picture. It makes me know more about it… traumatic events, stress, some bad emotion which last long,such as depression, can change our brain. Then our brain can change how we feel and think. Also we can see, good personal relationship, good feelings when you take a walk outside , learning new things, and proper diet food we eat related to our energy balance , do some exercise like running , ,especially new experiences can also change our life! I would like to introduce all of these things to my clients,and I need to learn more.

    I may advise my clients in some ways like above. It reminds me that, if one was hurt in interpersonal relationships, esp. That will build a quite different way for the client , to feel or think differently.

    Forging new paths

    It works because it depends on neuroplasticity. So we can introduce this idea to our clients. Your new experience and feelings, changes it. Your brain has ability to learn. New things can store in your brain, like feeling of safety, love, pleasure and peace. Your body will memorize it and things will change. Your brain will learn new things and make it work differently. So welcome a new world here.

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    • When our brain works, we learn things. We learn good ones and bad ones.

      How Does Neuroplasticity Work? [Infographic] - NICABM

      If one accident happened, we may be fearful of driving. It is because the brain controls how we think and feel about it. Specifically I want to prove my theory that neuroplasticity, with the help of metaphysical teachings and understands, can help people fully recover from addiction. Any help would be greatly appreciated! What are your methods? Perhaps if you re more explicit of what you do we can help you better.

      Kind regards Dr. There has been some research in this area over the last decade. This is great! I love using brain science with our couples. This will be a great addition alongside the model brain I have them hold. You are much appreciated!!! As a Physical Therapist, most of my clients have chronic pain issues, and we know that the more they know how the nervous system can and does change, the more they can work with it.

      Each tool I can use to help them understand, gives them more ways that they can connect with the information. Every client I see is taught about neuroplasticity. I love teaching in the community about resilience, neuroplasticity, and mental health. What a great, clear explanation to pass on to the community. Excellent graphic! Will prove very useful as a physical and visual reference to verbal information. This handout will validate the verbal information provided to the client regarding rain-changing activities. We know so much more now than when I was in graduate school and realized that I was experiencing math anxiety.

      At the time I discovered brain changing exercises to enable me to make an A in my statistics class and a on the statistics portion of my licensing examination. That personal achievement has been useful throughout my years as a therapist. This is a brilliant and very clear summary which provides visual support for any explanations.

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      Jacquie Wise Australia. Taken together, current knowledge on the mechanisms of neuroplasticity of the brain cortex and subcortical regions after nervous system injury could favor new strategies to improve neuronal responses necessary for behavioral rehabilitation. Role of neuronal stimulation in neuroplasticity in human and animal studies.