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So, I just read Burning Bright for the first time and loved it. The one issue I had was the subplot with Kyle's family was a touch under developped. Were they safe?

Was he too late and they were cocooned? Does he ever find out? I am deeply upset by the lack of resolution in this fictional character's personal life! Does this abandoned plot thread get resolved anywhere or am I doomed to die never knowing?

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Magnaric Chummer Posts: Honestly I suspect they didn't resolve what happens to his family on purpose, for 2 reason. First, it gives players and GMs a chance to resolve that plot line as they see fit in their own campaigns, for better or worse. And second, it really made the whole feel of the story hit home, that even as skilled and capable and heroic as Kyle was, sometimes you never get the answers you want, or any answers at all.

I just wish they'd give these novels a re-print. I recommend the ones by Nigel Findley. I thought they were well written and very enjoyable reads. Oddly enough I still have mine in a box about 15 ft from me, and it appears I have all but Into The Shadows I recall liking almost all of them when I last read them, but then I was actively playing the RPG also, so I know of 4 within about 10 miles of me, and frequently go to 3 of them, and all of them have a few SR novels on their shelves.

Maybe shops near you will be holding a treasure for you.

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Maybe not even SR novels!! Sorry guys. I never really liked the Novels except for a few, instead i would recommend reading the Source Books, they allways make a good read and are in most cases far better written imo.

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All of them Striper Assassin was good too. Zuletzt bearbeitet von DanteYoda ; As well as the newer ones, that are supposed to bridge the gap between the old setting and the new one! Well, not setting, so much as updating the timeline! I only wish that they had continued writing new novels, as they were off to a great start!

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Often they have them on Amazon, offered by used bookshops that have a distribution deal with Amazon. You can often get them at a really cheap price Zuletzt bearbeitet von MadBoy the Merciless ; Honestly, they are all pretty good. Check out Amazon or e-bay. Good, easy, fun reads. Still break one out every once and a while.

Shadowrun: Burning Bright v. 15

Hmm, it's been such a long time since I read the novels. I seem to remember that all of them were worth reading, but can't tell which ones were better than the others.

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I agree that the source books are very good too. I didn't always love FASA's rules systems, but their settings always blew me away.

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