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Oliver appears in the forest intending to kill Orlando, but, when Orlando saves his brother from a hungry lioness and a snake, Oliver experiences deep remorse. He then falls in love with Celia. As You Like It. Article Media.

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Rosalind, in As You Like It c. As in other of these plays, Rosalind is more emotionally…. Fabry- Jason Speicher Dr. Persecuted by the repressive Puritan community in which she lives, Elizabeth Sawyer summons the Devil in the guise of a dog to seek revenge on her tormentors.

Set in England in the protagonist, Jean, is engaged to an older politician, Stoner, who is up for election. At a society gathering Jean meets the mysterious Miss Levering, who shocks Jean by telling her about the plight of poor and homeless women in England.

This leads Jean to attend a suffragette rally and experience the politics of her day up close and personal for the first time. Director- Philip J.

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Fashion features social-climbing New Yorkers trying to imitate European manners, scoundrels trying to escape their misdeeds by fleeing to America, and a scattering of honest men and women chipping away at the affected pretensions of their countrymen. Tiffany- Victor Little T. Four guardians, each possessing contradictory opinions and attitudes, hold Anne Lovely under their protection and refuse her to wed until they each approve of the same man.

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A spirited military officer is determined to outwit them all. Lovely joins his pursuit, and together they form a plan to manipulate the men. Centlivre writes with satirical, bold strokes.

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She critiques political and social systems in eighteenth-century England and reimagines the role of marriage in A Bold Stroke for a Wife. Upcoming through :. Director- Adam Simon. Director- Elizabeth Falter.


Director- Maddie Oslejsek. Director- Sara Bodde. Director- David Harewood. Director- Rowan Winterwood. Director- Amanda Phillips. Director- Sonda Staley.