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Vanjeet D'souza.

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Mehreen Shaikh. Cover Work. About the Author.

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Ashish Sarin has more than 11 years of experience architecting and developing. EE Platform. He has authored many articles on portlets and rich Internet applications using. Manning Publications.

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Writing Spring Roo 1. It helped a great deal with improving the technical. This book owes a great deal to John J.


Ryan III for doing an outstanding job. As the book's content moved from Spring Roo 1. It has given me a lot of conidence that recipes covered in this book.

Special thanks to Vanjeet D'souza and Mehreen Shaikh for doing an. Thanks to Neha Mallik for doing an outstanding job at improving the. This is a cookbook full of recipes with the essential code explained clearly and comprehensively.


The recipes are organized so well that you will have no problems in using this cookbook as a reference too. Spring Roo 1. If you are new to the Spring framework, then it is recommended to refer to a text covering Spring, before reading this Cookbook. He is also the author of Portlets in Action published by Manning Publications.

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