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At this point in the play he has decided to talk to a Neuropsychiatrist after having a rough experience with a physic. Female, Dramatic, Teens Travis, a senior in high school, is pretty miserable. Erynne, a rebellious punk girl, has been kicked out of her house and is living in a mini-van and her boyfriend is thinking about dumping her.

And whether or not they find each other will determine if they live through the night.

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This is a play about dealing with tragedy and the strength necessary to survive, all in the search for just one good thing. In this monologue, Erynne talks to her boyfriend Nemo about the death and suicide of her sister Dierdre. Male or Female, Dramatic, Teens This character sits in a church at a funeral for one of their classmates. Nukulye, an Anglo-Kenyan psychiatry resident seeking certification in the U. Unfortunately, Dr. Nukulye has a hidden agenda driven by his own deviant sexual fetishes that have gotten him into trouble in the professional world.

In this monologue, Julia describes how depression feels to the audience. Male, Comedic, Late Teens — 40s Two love struck actors audition for Broadway and are confronted with questions that are afraid to answer and routines that lead them into questioning their lives. The lights of Broadway illuminate this escapade into the audition process and the magical world of acting. A wild outrageous comedy full of romance, intimacy and dare deviling action.

As a breast cancer survivor and an alcoholic defy all rules to get cast.

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In this monologue, Johnny attacks the auditioner for his invasiveness. The play, narrated by Nick in the present tense, traces the events of a life-changing day.

Teen Suicide Monologue- Like Dreaming, Backwards - JENNA LARSON

It is intercut with recollections from the past. Nick is gay. He has feelings for Greg, and later on in the play it seems as though these may be reciprocated. Nick has a love of the Existentialists. Miranda Hart.

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Suicide Monologues for Actors and Others by Jim Chevallier - Read Online

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Soliloquy, Aside, Monologue, and Dialogue

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